ADV7125 specific values


I think that the min/max values not described by ADV7125 datasheet are not specified(assured).
Instead my customer wants to know how the following specifications (described only Typ. value on page 4 and 6) are specified.
  • Input Capacitance, CIN
  • Output Capacitance, COUT
  • Output Impedance, ROUT
  • DAC-to-DAC Matching
  • Voltage Reference, VREF
  • Analog Output Delay
  • Analog Output Rise/Fall Time
For example, Fairchild FMS3818 specifies the specific values with test ranks as follows.
Test Rank Definitions
  • P Production tested at 25°C.
  • D Guaranteed by design over full temperature range.
  • C Guaranteed by characterization and design over full temperature range.
  • T Target specification, pending characterization.
Can I know similar test ranks about ADV7125 specifications?
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