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ADV7611 and Adv7343 resolutions


I would like to design a HDMI to Analog video converter and planning to use ADV7611 and ADV7343 and a controller to configure 7611  and 7343, 

Is it possible to give 1080P 60Hz HD (HDMI input) to adv7611  and convert them to YCbCr parallel data and directly give it to adv7343 also to take 27Mhz clock (for 7343) from ADV7611 so that i can get CVBS and Y/C analog video output.

Do i need to downscale the video before giving it to ADV7343?


  • Hi,

     ADV7611 can support 1080p60,which has the maximum clock support as 165Mhz,But ADV7343 maximum clock as 74.25Mhz,So it can support upto 1080p30.

     And also scaling would not be possible in ADV7343, because the part ADV7343 is video encoder and it will just takes digital as input and makes it analog. It will not scale or re-time anything. What comes in just goes out.