AD9884A working

Hi ,

We see a transverse line in the image . Once appears keeps on appearing .


We are writing AD converted data  into the frame memory and read data is output as HD-SDI .

Input = 1080i/59.94Hz

Working and finding  :

We dont know why this is happening .

1. Phase Adjust Address 0x04 is set to 0x80 and when we see this issue if we change this value to say 0x90 we dont see this issue .

     But this doesnt mean that by setting the Phase adjust to 0x90 from first ,we dont see this issue .

2.Auto Offset Address 0x1B is Disabled (use Manual offset ) and when we see this issue if we set Auto offset to Enable we dont see this issue .

3. As of now we dont see no relation ship between the temperature

    But we see that there is change in the phase for the sampling clock when we change the temperature .

Please refer to the wave form and share your valuable advice .

Thanking you

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