adv7610 register configuration issues


I am using ADV7610 in my FPGA(kintex 7) design and I have configured adv7610 (ADV7610BBCZ-P) register through I2C but it is not able to detect the source.It is running in free run mode.

my connections

PC => HDMI to DVI CABLE => ADV7610 => READING OUTPUT PIN OF ADV7610 through chipscope.

I need output  of 1920X1080p ,24 BIT RGB888 SDR MODE 0 from ADV7610. 

98 FF 80 ; I2C reset
98 F4 80 ; CEC
98 F8 4C ; DPLL
98 F9 64 ; KSV
98 FA 6C ; EDID
98 FB 68 ; HDMI
98 FD 44 ; CP
98 01 06 ; Prim_Mode =110b HDMI-GR
98 02 F2 ; 
98 03 40 ; 24 bit SDR 444 Mode 0
98 05 28 ; AV Codes Off
98 06 A6 ; Invert VS,HS pins
98 0B 44 ; Power up part
98 0C 42 ; Power up part
98 14 3F ; Max Drive Strength
98 15 80 ; Disable Tristate of Pins
98 19 83 ; LLC DLL phase
98 33 40 ; LLC DLL enable
44 BA 01 ; Set HDMI FreeRun
64 40 81 ; Disable HDCP 1.1 features
68 9B 03 ; ADI recommended setting
68 C1 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 C2 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 C3 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 C4 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 C5 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 C6 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 C7 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 C8 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 C9 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 CA 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 CB 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 CC 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 00 00 ; Set HDMI Input Port A
68 83 FE ; Enable clock terminator for port A
68 6F 08 ; ADI recommended setting
68 85 1F ; ADI recommended setting
68 87 70 ; ADI recommended setting
68 8D 04 ; LFG
68 8E 1E ; HFG
68 1A 8A ; unmute audio
68 57 DA ; ADI recommended setting
68 58 01 ; ADI recommended setting
68 75 10 ; DDC drive strength

when i am configuring these values along with EDID value.then it is able to detect the source but when sending white colour its  output value is  coming 0xfffec9 in place of 0xffffff ,

when sending red colour it value is coming correct i.e 0xff0000 while for green and blue their values are not coming correct i.e 0x00a032 and 0x005e93 respectively. 

i think i have not done proper edid configuration or may be something wrong that i am not able to find. so, please help me in resolving this issue.

i have also attached schematic of adv7610 .

68 01 01

64 74 01

EDID CONFIG(generated through ADVANTIV @EEDITGOLD software by analog devices)

0x6C 0x00 0x00
0x6C 0x01 0xFF
0x6C 0x02 0xFF
0x6C 0x03 0xFF
0x6C 0x04 0xFF
0x6C 0x05 0xFF
0x6C 0x06 0xFF
0x6C 0x07 0x00
0x6C 0x08 0x52
0x6C 0x09 0x74
0x6C 0x0A 0x01
0x6C 0x0B 0x00
0x6C 0x0C 0x01
0x6C 0x0D 0x00
0x6C 0x0E 0x00
0x6C 0x0F 0x00
0x6C 0x10 0x00
0x6C 0x11 0x00
0x6C 0x12 0x01
0x6C 0x13 0x04
0x6C 0x14 0xA1
0x6C 0x15 0x00
0x6C 0x16 0x00
0x6C 0x17 0x78
0x6C 0x18 0x04
0x6C 0x19 0xEE
0x6C 0x1A 0x95
0x6C 0x1B 0xA3
0x6C 0x1C 0x54
0x6C 0x1D 0x4C
0x6C 0x1E 0x99
0x6C 0x1F 0x26
0x6C 0x20 0x0F
0x6C 0x21 0x50
0x6C 0x22 0x54
0x6C 0x23 0x23
0x6C 0x24 0x08
0x6C 0x25 0x00
0x6C 0x26 0x01
0x6C 0x27 0xC0
0x6C 0x28 0x01
0x6C 0x29 0xC0
0x6C 0x2A 0x01
0x6C 0x2B 0xC0
0x6C 0x2C 0x01
0x6C 0x2D 0xC0
0x6C 0x2E 0x01
0x6C 0x2F 0xC0
0x6C 0x30 0x01
0x6C 0x31 0xC0
0x6C 0x32 0x01
0x6C 0x33 0xC0
0x6C 0x34 0x01
0x6C 0x35 0xC0
0x6C 0x36 0x02
0x6C 0x37 0x3A
0x6C 0x38 0x80
0x6C 0x39 0x18
0x6C 0x3A 0x71
0x6C 0x3B 0x38
0x6C 0x3C 0x2D
0x6C 0x3D 0x40
0x6C 0x3E 0x58
0x6C 0x3F 0x2C
0x6C 0x40 0x45
0x6C 0x41 0x00
0x6C 0x42 0x80
0x6C 0x43 0x68
0x6C 0x44 0x21
0x6C 0x45 0x00
0x6C 0x46 0x00
0x6C 0x47 0x1E
0x6C 0x48 0x01
0x6C 0x49 0x1D
0x6C 0x4A 0x80
0x6C 0x4B 0x18
0x6C 0x4C 0x71
0x6C 0x4D 0x38
0x6C 0x4E 0x2D
0x6C 0x4F 0x40
0x6C 0x50 0x58
0x6C 0x51 0x2C
0x6C 0x52 0x45
0x6C 0x53 0x00
0x6C 0x54 0x80
0x6C 0x55 0x68
0x6C 0x56 0x21
0x6C 0x57 0x00
0x6C 0x58 0x00
0x6C 0x59 0x1E
0x6C 0x5A 0x00
0x6C 0x5B 0x00
0x6C 0x5C 0x00
0x6C 0x5D 0xFC
0x6C 0x5E 0x00
0x6C 0x5F 0x54
0x6C 0x60 0x45
0x6C 0x61 0x53
0x6C 0x62 0x54
0x6C 0x63 0x20
0x6C 0x64 0x54
0x6C 0x65 0x56
0x6C 0x66 0x0A
0x6C 0x67 0x20
0x6C 0x68 0x20
0x6C 0x69 0x20
0x6C 0x6A 0x20
0x6C 0x6B 0x20
0x6C 0x6C 0x00
0x6C 0x6D 0x00
0x6C 0x6E 0x00
0x6C 0x6F 0xFD
0x6C 0x70 0x00
0x6C 0x71 0x01
0x6C 0x72 0x01
0x6C 0x73 0x01
0x6C 0x74 0x01
0x6C 0x75 0x01
0x6C 0x76 0x00
0x6C 0x77 0x0A
0x6C 0x78 0x20
0x6C 0x79 0x20
0x6C 0x7A 0x20
0x6C 0x7B 0x20
0x6C 0x7C 0x20
0x6C 0x7D 0x20
0x6C 0x7E 0x01
0x6C 0x7F 0x9E

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