ADV7441A LLC Frequency

Currently, a customer is using our ADV7441A at 4:4:4 output mode.

They would like to use LLC=13.5MHz on ADV7441A when input DVI 1440x480i.

( I know there are no AVI Info at DVI signal. )


As we know, when input DVI 1440x480i to our Rx, our RX can output the LLC=27MHz.

But the customer would like to use the LLC =27MHz/2=13.5MHz due to their system limitation.


We recommended the following.


DEPER_N_OVERRIDE (HDMI Map, Reg 0x41, bit 4 )= 1

DEREP_N[3:0], (HDMI Map Reg 0x41 bit[3:0])=1


The customer confirmed that the LLC frequency became 13.5MHz at that time.


But at that time, HDMI map address 0x07,0x08 LINE_WIDTH[11:0] changed from 1440 to 720.

The customer would like to use the LLC=13.5MHz without changing LINE_WIDTH[11:0] value.


Do you know how to the register setting of divided LLC?

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