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AD9388 Failure

I have an issue with AD9388 failing after powercycling. Does anyone else have the same experience?


Our video switch contains two AD9388 video receivers.

The video switch is power cycled a few times, until it ends up in a strange state. Further testing is done from this state, without further power cycling. I have one hdmi input attached on each AD9388. In the strange state, one of the AD9388 gives a nice image, the other one doesn't. Here's what I do to try to fix it without having to reboot the video switch:

1) I power down and up the AD9388 using

videowr 0x20 0x0f 0x24

videowr 0x20 0x0f 0x00

2) I reset the chip

videowr 0x20 0x0f 0x80

At this stage I have no image on the screen, which is as expected. Also, the line width detected in the AD9388 is not correct. So I set some registers as we usually do at power up of the video switch. Then the video occurs, and the correct line width is detected.

I do this on both of the AD9388 in our video switch. The one that used to work before I changed anything, still works after the procedure. The one that didn't work still doesn't.

Then I rebooted the switch, and both of the AD9388 were working.
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