Why hasn't ADV7619 working script ever mentioned EDID configuration?

I am really surprised ADV7619 as a mature chip from ADI which well-known as a prestigious leader in the electronics world, has organized all its tutorial documents in such a mess!!! So many engineers have to use the forum posts to inquire ADI application engineer with their basic bringing-up. What is worse, as far as I see, numerous of problems are the similar without a perfect answer!

I have gone through quite a few dozens of question posts in the forum. I have been referring to the script of "ADV7619-VER.1.9c.txt", in this tutorial, there is nothing ever mentioned that whether the user need to configure the EDID info or not in any application scenario.  

Only by referring to this similar thread, I know we need to configure it explicitly if we need to use internel EDID. Can you provide an conclusive answer to this thread? 


If I want to use the internal EDID, do I have to use this utility to generate an customize an EDID by myself?


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