ADV7511W video from AD7182 Decoder


The signal from decoder(ADV7182) pass through FPGA to ADV7511W.
Decoder --- ADV7511W
Data --- Data<15:8>
Hsync --- Hsync
Vsync --- Vsync
Internal --- DE
27MHz --- CLK
Camera PAL or NTSC not to sure. So video is BT656 interlaced 480i or 576i.
Audio no need.

0x41 - 0x10
0x98 - 0x03
0x9A - 0xE0
0x9C - 0x30
0x9D - 0x61
0xA2 - 0xA4
0xA3 - 0xA4
0xE0 - 0xD0
0x55 - 0x12
0xF9 - 0x00
Input mode
0x15 - 0x04 (4:2:2, embedded syncs, 2x clock)
0x16 - 0x39 (8bit, style1)
0x17 - 0x63 (HS,VS polarity high)
0xBA - 0x70 (clkdiv)
0xD0 - 0x30 (clk_delay)

Table 26-DE
for 576i for 480i
0x35 - 0x20 0x1D
0x36 - 0xD6 0x92
0x37 - 0x05 0x05
0x38 - 0xA0 0xA0
0x39 - 0x12 0x0F
0x3A - 0x00 0x00

Table 28-Sync
for 576i for 480i
0x30 - 0x03 0x04
0x31 - 0x03 0xC3
0x32 - 0xF0 0xE0
0x33 - 0x08 0x10
0x34 - 0x03 0x03

There's no video on screen!
I made high DE signal on active video part of bt656 and hs&vs of adv7511 are connected directly from decoder.
Neither auto generated DE nor external worked.
Neither auto generated SYNC nor external worked.

What is the my mistake?
I would be glad if you help.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 23, 2019 6:26 AM


    ADV7511 can support BT.656.  Attached script file shows how to configure the ADV7511 for embedded syncs. The writes to address 0x72 are the ADV7511 writes. Please crosscheck your i2c configuration with attached script file.

    Note: Embedded syncs only contain Hsync and Vsync information.  DE is required by the TMDS transmitter so the ADV7511 regenerates DE from either separate or embedded V and H syncs, Table 33.  If separate VS, HS and DE are provided then the DE generator is not needed.