About a specification of ADV7280A-M


I'm checking the specifications of the ADV7280A-M in conjunction with the MIPI specifications.

I have some questions about the electrical characteristics of the ADV7280A-M.


What is the minimum value of the resistance of ZOLP(Output impedance of LP transmitter) in the parameter of D-PHY specification?


What is the maximum value of resistance of ΔVCMTX(HF and LF)(Common-level variations above 450Mhz / Common-level variation between 50 - 450 MHz) with the parameters of D-PHY specification?

First, I ask the above two questions.

There are a log of missin items compared to the specification of MIPI.

Are there any documents that show electrical characteristics compared to the MIPI specifications?

If you have the material, I will check it first.

Best regards,