digital io level of ADV728xA-M mipi devices

Hello there, 

In ADV7281a datasheet, it is stated "The digital inputs of the ADV7281A are designed to work with 1.8 V signals (3.3 V for DVDDIO) and are not tolerant of 5 V signals. " 

I could not clearly get the point, does that mean when 3.3V applies to VDDIO, i can still feed 1.8V digital signals, e.g. SCL and SDA pins,  to ADV7281A? 

But in the electronic spec,  Input High Voltage is 2V minimum, it means if a 1.8V added to digital input pins, the part won't treat it as a high level. 

it seems there are some conflicts here, could you kindly help to correct my understanding? 

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