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Distortion due to vibrations AD9980

Hi ,

We are using AD9980 for LCD and we find all sort of distortion due to vibration (Gains Noise , Vertical lines ..)

We have check with the following but dont see any improvement.

1.changed Capacitor connected to FILT

2. Changed the capacitor connected to 1.8 V power and changed the way the capacitors are connected to GND 3.

3.Changed the capacitor connected to REF

We could see a little betterment when changed the FILT capacitor but problem is still to be seen

Could you please let me know with regards to the following .

1. Recommended values for capacitor connected to FILT

    VSYNC 57Hz , HSYNC 25kHz ,Clock 20 Mhz  ,resolution 640/400

2.Voltage at FILT pin is 0.4V , will this relate to vibration in any ways

3.Is the operation of AD9980 relate to Vibration , do you have any issue like this

Please advice me with regards to this issue .

Thanking you

With best regards and wishes

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