ADV7180 Problems

Dear ADI Video Team,

We are using ADV7180WBCP32Z to digitize a PAL video. Every now and then, the digitized video loses synchronization and it gets stuck in that case for duration. Please check the attached images. The output of ADV7180 is shown on the  left. We are also sampling the same video simulatenously with a commercial analog video to USB converter by Avermedia. The commercial converter's output doesn't display any such behaviour and it is shown on the right in the attached images. 

We also sometimes see that the video turns all green as shown in the second attached image. Again, with the commercial video converter we don't see any such behaviour. 

Could you suggest what is wrong? Is our video source overloading ADV7180's internal ADC? We used the 36 Ohm and 39 Ohm resistive divider network (Figure 29 in the datasheet) in front of the AIN pin. 

Thanks in advance.