(ADV7281AM)Can we delete "42 00 10 ; INSEL =unconnected input [INSEL Switch]"?

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I have a question.

Our customer are using ADV7281AM with full differential CVBS for automotive.

They are using this script.



 :FAST SWITCH CVBS Differential In Ain1,2, MIPI Out:

delay 10 ; Wait 10ms After Hardware Reset To Start I2C

42 0F 80 ; Reset ADV7282A-M

delay 10 ; Wait 10ms

42 0F 00 ; Exit Power Down Mode [ADV7282M writes begin]

42 52 C0 ; Diff_CVBS AFE IBIAS

42 00 10 ; INSEL =unconnected input [INSEL Switch]

42 00 0E ; INSEL = CVBS_P in on Ain 1, CVBS_N in on Ain2


Q1) 42 00 10; INSEL = unconnected input [INSEL Switch]

What does it exist for?

Q2) Can we delete "42 00 10; INSEL = unconnected input [INSEL Switch]"?

Q3) Is there any harm caused by deleting this script?

Our customer said when switching to the input to camera, there is a problem that a blue screen can be seen for a moment, and it seems that the unlocked state is falsely detected.

42 00 10; INSEL = unconnected input [INSEL Switch]

When they delete this script, their was no blue screen.

And there are no comment for this script at ADV728xAM documents.

There was a description in the document of the different device.

At ADV7182 RSD this is written.

Please refer to Note 1 after "Note" in the middle of theBest above.

The setting “42 00 10” is called “INSEL Switch”, and the lock time is accelerated in the case of differential input.

=>Described above as “Doing this optimizes the lock time of the ADV7182 in differential CVBS mode.



ADV7281AM Script


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