Customer is looking for voltage reference tolerance at room temp for the ADV7170 and ADV7391.  Detailed question below.

We were planning to use the ADV7170 10 BIT Video Encoder.
Its datasheet shows an output current of 33ma min and 37ma max over temperature.
It also shows 1.235V voltage reference has a tolerance of ±7.5% over temperature.
We would like to have a room temperature Factory tolerance for some of our analysis.
This part has recently been listed by Analog Devices as “Not Recommended for New Designs”
We are now looking at the ADV7391.
It lists the output current as 33ma min, and 37ma max over temperature.
Can we get a nominal Factory tolerance at room temperature for our analysis?
In both cases, the room temperature tolerance variation should be lower than the over temperature range and that is what we would like to know.

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