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ADV7343 Display problem

Hi ,

We are designing a board similar to circuit diagram

(RevD) Figure 89. ADV7342/ADV7343 Typical Application Circuit

We are output a NTSC interfaced and we see that there is yellow noise all over the output .

Place where we are not output , we have set it output as Black , but on the display we see yellow lines .

Please let me know if you have information with regards to this issue .

Thanking you

With best regards and wishes

  • Hi,

    There could be lots of potential problems:

    1) Power supply noise and decoupling

    2) Layout issues

    3) Grounding issues.

    4) Circuit implementation

    If you followed the reference layout and used the standard scripts you should not have any problems.  It's hard to say without looking at the complete package including the schematic and layout.

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