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ADV7850 Memory Requirement

Is external memory required with the ADV7850 if you are not going to use the composite ADC?

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    For applications which do not use composite video, external memory is not required.

    Frame Time Base correction for SD signals will not be available.

    The following should be carried out

    • SDRAM VDD supplies should be connected to DVDDIO

    • SDRAM VREF should be connected to DGND

    • DQ and DQS lines should be connected to ground through a 4k7 resistor

    • All other memory pins can be left unconnected

  • Hi
    You said that for no memory applications SDRAM VDD supplies should be connected to DVDDIO.
    But SDRAM VDD uses 1.8V and DVDDIO - 3.3V, is that what it is suppose to be or I didn't understand something?

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on Jan 15, 2015 10:57 PM

Follow the 'Unused' table in the hardware manual.  In this case SDVDD = 1.8V.  None of the pins must exceed Absolute maximum ratings.

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