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Hello all

ADV7343 output level of PAL and NTSC


Question 1

Datasheet P.88 says output level of PAL and NTSC.

Is these output level the same ?

PEAK WHITE : 1000mv

BLKG    : 300mv

SYNC    :   0mv

Question 2

  Is ADV7343 output level below in both NTSC and PAL ?

PEAK WHITE : 1000mv

BLKG    : 285.7mv

SYNC    :   0mv

Or, is ADV7343 output level below NTSC or PAL format level ?

PEAK WHITE : 714.3mv

BLKG    :       0mv

SYNC    : -285.7mv


Question 3

Can we set SYNC level to 0 V using offset register and so on when NTSC and PAL output level are below ?

      PEAK WHITE : 714.3mv  -> 1000mv

BLKG    :          0mv  ->   285.7mv      

SYNC    :  -285.7mv    ->      0mv

If so , please let me know your advice about register setting and so on.


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