ADV7183B not responding to I2C (NACK)

So, I've been battling with this sucker for a while now and my project is being stalled because of it. I've set up I2C using an Arduino, and jerryrigged to a Digilent NEXYS2 Board with the VDEC1 attached through the 50-pin Hirose connector.

The FPGA is simply set up as a port passthrough, and I've verified that it works as such. I've set PWRDN to HIGH, I've done a 1 second Reset cycle before I begin sending I2C commands, and I still only get a NACK when I begin transmission. I've changed the code to try 0x40 and 0x42, but neither of them work. I've reset the ALSB pin to both 0 and 1, and tried both addresses on each, and nothing.

What am I missing?

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