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ADV7188 board design questions

  • We are just using it for decoding SD composite video, so what do I connect the SOY pin (p63) to? If nothing, do I leave it floating or connect it to power or ground?
  • The CAPY1/Y2 CAPC1/C2 network: It looked strange to directly connect CAPY2 to CAPC1 so I looked at the evaluation board, and this is what is done. However, on the evaluation board the two 10uF capacitors are not fitted (the pads are there). Should they be fitted here or not? If so I presume ceramic capacitors are OK.
  • We have four of these on our board, but there only seems to be the capability to set two different address sets on the I2C. Is this correct or have I missed something? It would be nice to have 4 address sets, but if not I will just have to use two different I2C buses, or a multiplexer.
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