ADV7393 I2C Issue

We are using ADI Video Encoder ADV7393 in our surround View system. We are facing issues to detect the device through I2C. Device is not responding to the I2C read.

 Following are the measurements we have taken

 1.Supply voltage levels are measured as follows


     VDD =1.801V



2.The ALSB pin is pulled down using a 10K resistor (I2C read address 0x55, I2C write address 0x54) .

3.Pixel clock (27MHz) is enabled from the SoC and it is applied to the clock in Pin of ADV7393.

4.The reset to ADV7393 is issued before I2C read.

5.ADV7393 doesn’t respond to the I2C read command (NAK) from SoC.

6. I2C bus communication is verified using other device connecred in the I2C bus (tempertature sensor)