AD9889B hdmi Interlaced output question

The HDMI analyzer shows that the format of ad9889b hdmi output is progressive in 1080i50/59.94/60 and 576i/480i.

it shows that the vtotal of 1080i50/60 is 562, the vtotal of 576i50 is 313, the vtotal of 480i60 is 262,  

Hdmi output timing is reference cea 861. 

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  • Hi,

     Could you please share us the analytical instrument output snap. But in monitor it is observed as interlaced output ,am i right ?

     Generally interlaced timings have two video fields per video frame,while progressive timings have only one.Therefore in the case of progressive timings,the terms "video field" and "video frame" are synonymous.

     In the case of interlaced formats,the frame rate is 1/2 the field rate.