ADV7393 Not Accepting Pixel Data

Hello all,

Using the ADV7393 eval board (EVAL-ADV7392/93EBZ).

I have this board connected to an FPGA which is supply the 27MHz clock and data required for SD (NTSC) mode.

I have tried all of the SD Timing modes (datasheet pg 80-84) but the output colour is always pink. This is true for either CVBS or component output.

1) I have generated EAV/SAV timing codes and have exactly reproduced the BT.656 standard. The output is pink regardless of pixel input.

2) I have attempted all slave modes with HSYNC/VSYNC. The output is pink.

3) I have attempted all master modes. I imagine since the datasheet says it will generate blanking automatically, this would be the easiest mode to test for a change in output colour. No matter what I do the output is pink.

I have even checked the DAC output waveform and it is always the same signal regardless of what goes into the pixel bus.

I can produce perfect noiseless colour test bars in CVBS or component modes.

What do you think I am missing here?