ADV8003 Evaluation Board


I am tring to convert a HDMI signal into a component analog video. i am using the ADV8003 evaluation board. I am using your SW and I am giving theese command using the console:


-out comp 1 main

-mainvsp 576i50 

but is not clear to me how these commands work, in the sense that there are two component on eval board, one to convert HDMI to TTL and the ADV8003 for video processsor.

I see which registers of ADV8003 I can modify to convert from TTL to analog but is not clear to me which registers of ADV7842 I need to configure. 

How I can configure the first to give me on TTL a rgb 24 bit video signal from the HDMI input? the HW manual of ADV7842 is not clear in how do this.