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port blimp's osd onto the arm board

I want to port blimp's osd onto the arm board, do you have specific instructions

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  • osd is initialized by ADIAPI_OsdConInit,
    The switch is then controlled by ADIAPI_OsdKeyPress.
    I blocked the Spi related function in ADIAPI_OsdConInit, and the blimp control I defined is still displayed (in advantiv-eval-adv7625-smz-video-evaluation-board).
    So, if I'm going to implement osd display, where is my spi function going to be implemented?Not in the ADIAPI_OsdConInit function?

    Now that my image is out, I can use the iic control to have it display some blocks.If I want to implement spi, I need to implement SpiTransfer in the ADIAPI_OsdConInit function, right?

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