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Synchronization problems between input signal and reference signal of AD8333

         I'm so sorry to bother with you. I want to use I/Q demodulator AD8333 to process my signal. But I'm having a lot of trouble in synchronization even if I look at the datasheet, especially input/excitation signal and the reference signal are not from the same signal generator, as shown in the fig below, that's how can I make sure reference signal along with input signal is synchronized? I understand that the reference frequency in 4LON pin of AD8333 is four times the frequency of the input signal. The reference pin 4LON divided by 4 and input/excitation should have a 0 phase difference approximately.
         In addition,  if I take other approaches such as DDS to generate a reference and an excitation/input at the same time instead of two separate signal generators, is it feasible?
Eagerly await your early reply!
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