AD9398 Setup?

Our hardware engineer designed the 9398 in to one of our new boards.  Thus, far I have seen any signs of life from the part.  I am driving the component with 1080p video from a laptop HDMIport.  Other HDMI receivers that I have worked with are automatically detected by the laptops HDMI port immediately when plugged in (no I2C configuratioins needed).  I have performed an I2C register dump of the component and it appears to me that all of the power down bits are correctly configured.  The power down pin is in the power on state.  Register 0x26 is set to 0x08 and Register 0x27 is set to 0x00.  The power down pin is logic high. 

Our hardware engineer had his design validated by Steve Ranta (our AD FAE).

Are there other registers that need to be programmed?

Is there a setup recommended for 1080P/RGB?

Do I need to get the hardware design re-validated?

Enclosed is a register dump.



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