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AD9889 I2S Audio 16 bit problem


We are currently using the AD9889B HDMI Tx in our custom board. We have interfaced Audio serial port from a SoC to HDMI Audio port and trying to use I2S interface. As per datasheet, AD9889b supports only 32 bit I2S[32L + 32R]. i tried to send my 44.1Khz 16 bit audio as 32 bit audio by padding last 16 bit as zeros. I could able to observe some mild noise when i run songs.. It is heavily noticeable if i run sine tone of 1Khz. Kindly suggest how to solve this noise issue.

Current pixel clock : 30Mhz( for resolution 800 x 600)

N Info : 6272

CTS : Auto generation


Vijayabharathi C

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