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AD8195 power consumption

I have an AD8195 in my design which is powered by a dedicated 3.3V produced by a LDO.  This voltage is only connected to AD8195, decoupling capacitors and some high value pull-ups.  The current measured at the output of the same LDO is 290 mA which is almost twice as much as the maximum possible current I calculated with numbers in your specification.  AD8195 is configured to work with input termination and without preemphasis.  HDMI is working but AD8195 is hot and it happen that my LDO enter current protection mode.  Do you have any idea why the AD8195 would draw more current than what specified?
The fallowing table was used to calculate the maximum current.  Current on 5.5 V are set to 0 to calculate the current from 3.3 V supply only.   Maximum current from your specification are used.

            Current     Voltage max

avcc          50          3.3

vtti             54          3.3

vtto            50          3.3

vref_in       0            5

vref_out     0.2         3.3

amuxvcc    0            5


Total          154.2