ADV7340 component video test pattern


I have been trying to generate a component test pattern in 720p @50Hz sing ADV7340. I am supplying 74.5MHzto clk_in_A. But there is no response in the output. I have attached the register configuration I am using. Any update needed? What is the problem with my configuration or register settings?

0x17 0x02 #; I2C reset
0x00 0x1C #; All DAC enabled
0x01 0x10 #; HD SDR input mode, no swap
0x02 0x20 #; YPbPr output
0x30 0x34 #; 720P input, embedded sync
0x31 0x05 #; 0x01-pixel data valid, 0x05-test pattern
0x33 0x6C #; 20 bit input

#test pattern
0x00 0x1C #; Test pattern
0x01 0x10 #; Test pattern enabled
0x31 0x05 #; Test pattern
0x02 0x24 #; Test pattern enabled