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Does ADN4612 support 3G-SDI with 75 ohm termination?


We plan to use ADN4612 as a 3G-SDI cross point  switch with 75 ohm termination cable. I found that 50 ohm internal termination available at source and destination end inside the chip.Does it create any wave effect when i connect standard 75 ohm 3G-SDI signal? Actually we want to use this digital cross point switch in 8x8 matrix .

Does ADN4612 meet our requirements?



  • Hi,

     Please refer datasheet sheet for resistance limitation of ADN4614 which is available at

    ADN4612 signal path is non-linear. It contains a limiting amplifier stage, but this is after the equalizer and is not controllable by the user.

    ADN4612 does not have an eye monitor.

    ADN4612 does not have a loopback pin, but it can route any input to any output so it will support loopback testing.

    ADN4612 is not a synchronous switch or retimer, so it does not have to adhere to jitter tolerance specifications.

    The package xtalk data is not available but the xtalk is marginal.

    The jitter spectrum is not available.



  • Dear Poornima,

    I could  find the following details in the datasheet.

    50 ohm on-chip termination available.

    In the test setup ,50 ohm impedance  cable is used.

    But I could not find resistance limitation/impedance or  whether ADN4612 is used for 3G-SDI cross point switch.

    We use 75 ohm impedance cable in our SDI reception and transmission.

    My question is, Can i use ADN4612 as 3G-SDI(2.97Gpbs) cross point switch with 75 impedance cable?



  • Hi,

      There is separate forum for Switches/Multiplexer community

      Could you please post your question there, where you will be get a more knowledgeable answer.

  • The ADN4612 is designed for 50 Ohm traces and terminations.  Running 75 Ohm traces into the chip might/will cause reflection issues.  Also the output is designed for 50 Ohms which will not match 75 Ohm traces for your SDI runs.

    The ADN7612 can handle 3G-SDI speeds however the impedances must match.

  • Dear,

    Thanks. I hope, last line of your answer indicates ADN4612 and not ADN7612.

    Since ADN4612 has equalizer, output pre-emphasis and support very high speed about 11.3Gpbs, I assume that it will not create problem with low speed 3G-SDI(2.97Gbps) with 75 ohm impedance.
    Shall i route one input to multiple output but not broadcast mode? I meant to say that 1st input has to be routed to 1st , 2nd, 3rd output and 2nd input has to be routed to 4th and 5th output so on.

    One more clarification is, Can i configure the switch routing on the fly using I2C? that means, if i write register value to change output signal routing using micro controller I2C, will it require restart or it will work on the fly?