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ADV7181B RGB 4:4:4 640 x 480i configuration

To digitize RGB, 4:4:4, 640 x 480i, square pixel video at a 30Hz frame rate please confirm the following.


·         Need a 28.63636MHz, < 50ppm crystal

·         Table 21 in the user manual shows NTSC square pixel format is supported. Is the square pixel format also supported for RGB?

·         From what I can tell (table 53 in user manual) the only output format for RGB is 12-bit. No way to support 3 x 8?

·         Will LLC = 12.272726MHz or do I have to use a nominal 24.545452MHz oscillator to produce the 12.272726MHz LCC frequency?

·         The download site includes a txt file that shows the settings for various SDP input formats. Do you have something similar for CP and this format in particular?