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CVBS to HDMI conversion

   Do you have any simple solution which can convert CVBS in to HDMI?


  Sebastian V P

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  • The ADV7850 requires DDR if the SDP module is used and in this application CVBS is present so DDR is required.  If if was a ADV7844/7511 solution then external DDR can be dropped if 3D Comb and TCB features are dropped.  Note ADV7844 has 4 HDMI inputs where the ADV7842 has only 2.

    The ADV7850 should be able to handle 4k30.  See private, off-line email. 

    The best bet is to get a ADV7850 reference board and try all the different formats you are interested in.  I personally have not tried 4K30 on the ADV7850 but the spec's say it should work.

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