Hello there,

I have a question I am planning to use the Video decoder ADV7181C for capturing
analog RGB video up to WXGA+ 1440x900@60Hz resolution.

I checked the datasheet of ADV7181C and I think it can support 1440x900@60Hz
resolution, but I am not sure with regards to PLL settings and graphics mode.
WXGA+ requires a maximum Pixel rate of 88.75 to 106.5Mhz (according to VESA) so
we should be ok with 110MSps. 

Table 8 (Primary Mode and Video Standard Selection) from the ADV7181_Manul_RevC.pdf gives

a limited numbers of output resolutions but not the one I am interested in: 1440x900@60Hz.

Is this supported? What would be the settings?

Please advise,