ADV7604 Register setting


Currently we are using ADV7604 with TI's DM365 for a VGA video recording purpose. Our DM365 side is expecting a YUV 4:2:2 16-bit separate sync video input. I've follow the "ADV7604-output-pixel-port-mapping-revH.XLS" by mapping (setting OP_FORMAT_SEL to 80) P16~P23 to Y input of DM365 and P4~P11 to CbCr input of DM365. We hook up a laptop VGA output to ADV7604 AIN7, 8, 9 and sync 3 as the Eval board did. However the raw data we captured from DM365 show that the input color (output from ADV7604) is all wrong. If I input Green , it will show a darker green. If I input blue, it will show purple-ish. If I input red, it will show white-greyish color. Please help if you see problems with my configuration setup. Thank you!

We have used the recommended register setting from the ADI Eval board script as follow:

##Graphics - XGA, 1024x768##

:Graphics-3.1 1024x768 _@ 60 65.000MHz Out through DAC:

40 0C 42 ; Power up part and Power down VDP

40 00 0C ; VID_STD=01100b for 1024x768 _@ 60

40 01 82 ; Enable Simultaneous Mode ,Prim_Mode =0010b for GR

40 02 F2 ; Auto CSC , RGB Out

40 03 42 ; 36 Bit SDR

40 05 28 ; TURN OFF EAV & SAV CODES & Enable Freerun

40 0B 44 ; Power down ESDP block

40 14 7F ; Drive strength adjustment

40 15 90 ; Disable Tristate of Pins except for Audio pins

40 33 60 ; LLC DLL Mux Enable

44 3E 04 ; Enable gain control for CP

44 40 5C ; Adjust CP gain for PGA gain of 1.4

44 69 30 ; Enable CP CSC

44 85 0B ; Disable Autodetectmode for Sync_Source for CH1. Force CH1 to use seperate HS & VS.

44 C3 39 ; ADI recommended write

44 CF 01 ; Power off macrovision

4C 13 93 ; Set LLC DLL Phase

4C 02 02 ; Ain_Sel to 010. (Ain 7,8,9)

4C 05 07 ; AA filter Enable

4C 06 20 ; Set AA_filt_high_BW to 11

4C 07 A0 ; Set AA_filt_high_BW to 11 & aa_filt_prog_bw to 01

4C 12 63 ; Turn Noise shaping OFF

4C 0C 1F ; Set PGA gain to 1.4

4C C6 5F ; Disable Audio Core

50 10 00 ; Mux


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 6, 2013 6:57 PM

    Hi Steve,

    When you try the input through the evaluation board, with the recommended script, do you see the issue?

    With your script, have you changed the value of IO Map, 0x04 to 0x80?

    Can you also please try adjusting the capture on the backend to ensure that the issue is not there?

    If you input a flat field with no colour, is all the sync information correct?

    Can you also try using a ramp and confirm how the system performs?



  • Hi Joe,

    1) Unfortuanately, we dont have a ADI evaluation board on hand. I tried to acquire one from the distributor in Taiwan but they told me that they didnt have it either.

    2) We have changed the IO MAP register 0x01 to the 0x80 value. There is output picture, just that color is different.

    3) We have verified that the backend is correct, we have use the same capture driver on a Aptina 720p sensor which outputs YUV 4:2:2 16-bit data.

    4) I have checked that all sync information to be correct read back from ADV7604.

    5) Not sure what you mean by ramp? Could you elaborate more on this test?

    6) I just want to make sure that on the software manual, it states that IO MAP register 0x01 value 0x80 will output ITU-656 format, but from what I understood, isnt 656 for SDTV? If the input resolution is higher than SDTV, would it have problem? Should I change to YUV 4:2:2 8-bit DDR?

    7) Also, in the CP MAP register 0x91, should we set the value to 1 or 0. The software manual and the hardware manual on ADV7604 has different defintion on this register. One says setting to 1 will output interlace video, and the other says setting to 0 will output interlace video. How should I set up this bit if I only wish to receive progressive outputs?



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 11, 2013 4:54 PM

    Hi Steven,

    Seeking an ADI evaluation board is very important in this situation - please work with your support team in Taiwan. This will allow us to determine if the issue is with the part or with your configuration or backend setup.

    In the image, is the luma information correct? i.e. is it just an issue with the colour in the image?

    My suggestion regarding the "ramp" referred to a black and white ramp video pattern - this will show if there are any pixel errors in the video.

    Also, apologies, I should have requested you to set IO Map register 0x03 to value 0x80 in the last post - could you try this?

    Have you managed to get any other modes working between the ADV7604 and your backend?



  • Hi Joe,

    From the video we captured, it seems to be an issue with the Colour in the image. I have always set IO Map register 0x03 to value 0x80. We havent gotten any mode to work with our backend yet. I am waiting for ADI taiwan to arrange a Eval board to test.

    Sorry, I was out of town for a while. Hence the delay in replying.



  • Hi Joe,

    Right now we are outputting a 1024x768@60HZ VGA signal from a laptop to ADV7604. I have set the VID_STD to 0C (which is corresponding to 1024x768 according to HW manual table 3). I've read in other question raised in this forum where people have colour problem with 1080p video thru VGA. The solution was to use autographic mode suggested by Dave. Should I set ADV7604 to work in Autographic mode even though the video we feed to ADV7604 is a standard resolution?


    Steve Chen