Autodetection with the ADV7182 Fast Switch Script

Can the ADV7182 automatically detect the composite (CVBS) input format in Fast Switch Mode.

  • The ADV7182 is the new version of the ADV7180.

    Using standard scripts the ADV7182 and ADV7180 can automatically detect the CVBS standard inputted to them.

    Fast switch scripts can be used to switch quickly from one video input to another.

    Using fast switch scripts the ADV7180 cannot automatically detect the CVBS standard (see ).

    The ADV7182 can automatically detect some CVBS standards.

    These standards are : NTSC, NTSC 4.43 and PAL.

    If the user wishes to use a different CVBS standard (e.g. SECAM) then the user needs to force the input standard into the ADV7182. This is done by setting the bits VID_SEL[3:0] ( main map, register  0x02, bits [7:4]).