broken data when adv7481 take DV 1080P as input


when adv7481 bringup in our board, then we used SONY DV HDR-CX405 as input.

if the DV is set 720P, then the data after adv7481 is okay. but if the DV is set to 1080P, then the data after adv7481 is broken as attached, and it could keep long time with such kind broken data.

so that is the same DV, but differnet set leads to differnt result. I checked the datasheet, it seems to support 1080P with HDMI interface. and the kernel log shows adv7481 can detect the right size from HDMI.

adv7481_get_hdmi_timings(2035), adv7481 TMDS Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 fps

could you help to check and share some clue? Thanks so much.

1080P screenshot