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HI All,


I was facing issue with ADV7179 encoder(Some colors are missing,when we enable bar pattern.)

Input clock frequency to ADV7179 - 27MHz from FPGA.

Voltage levels are proper,Ref voltage to ADV7179 - 1.22V.

I am getting all the I2C read ack when i was writing into registers.

Below are the registers we are configuring.

#define I2C_MODE_0_VAL      0x45
#define I2C_MODE_1_VAL      0xB8
#define I2C_MODE_2_VAL      0x00
#define I2C_MODE_3_VAL      0x80
#define I2C_MODE_4_VAL      0x08
#define I2C_TIME_0_VAL        0x05
#define I2C_TIME_1_VAL        0x02

#define I2C_TIMERESET_VAL    0x89
#define I2C_SUB_FREQ_0_VAL    0xCB
#define I2C_SUB_FREQ_1_VAL    0x8A

/* Clear test pattern */
#define I2C_SUB_FREQ_2_VAL    0x09
/* Exit Power-down mode */
#define I2C_SUB_FREQ_3_VAL    0x2A
#define I2C_SUB_PHASE_VAL   0x00
/* Monitor polarity is handled via DVI Sync Polarity Register */
#define I2C_DVI_SYNC_POLARITY_VAL        0x00

Note: I tried configuring registers with different combinations but the above config is the best one.

What i want was PAL resolution internal color bar composite on channel A.

Output of DAC A connected to TV.

The same reference design provided in ADV7179 datasheet, i was using.

when i play the actual video on DAC A instead of Color bar.Only proper color i can see in the screen was from 70% to 100%. Remaining 0 to 70% is fixed color was light blue/green always fixed in that area.Attached images and video for reference.

The same problem with internal color bar pattern also.

Please help me out.