ADV7511 1080p RGB 4:4:4 script needed

Could you please provide the IIC configuration script for ADV7511 HDMI

I am working on the ADV7511 chip, which is the HDMI codec in VC707 EVB from

FPGA company Xilinx.

I want to configured the ADV7511 working in 1080P, 4:4:4 RGB input (each

component is 10bits), 4:4;4 RGB output (each component is 8 bits), and 30 fps

(this should depends on video clock rate 74.25MHz)

I have script file "ADV7842-VER.5.9c_AVEB.txt" but there is no exact script for

configuration the ADV7511 working in the mode I want. I also find the

programming guide for ADV7511 has some conflicts with the script. The guide is

also unclear in some points.

So I just wonder could you please provide a script, to give the exact registers

address and value, I need to configure through IIC, to make the ADV7511 working

in the mode I want?