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ADV7511 Output issue

There is a customer's application that use ADV7511 as HDMI output(Signal chain: HDMI signal ---->ADV6712--->FPGA--->ADV7511). If they use up to 15 meters wire as a output cable to display threre's turn that flower screen in their display. But if they use Si7130, there's no this phenomenon. Does there any advice ahout this case (suc as register setting /hardware solution)? Thanks a lot.

And if they use ADV7511's ouptut to their controller device(their controller device signal chain :adv7511 output-->TMDS181(retimer)--->FPGA--->sn65dp159--> Screen display), there's no flower screen phenomenon turns. We tried to change the color depth control register ox4C from 0x00 to 0x04/0x05/0x0A, there's nothing changed . and we record a short video in attach. Please reffer.

Add a new test vedio in attach.
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