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Camera interface to HDMI port


I am trying to develop a low cost product to show video over HDMI port of a LCD TV.

The camera is having YUV422 as output format, i need to know which Interface IC can be used to interface this camera directly to convert to HDMI port specs?

Is there any need to have DSP processor in between camera and HDMI interface chip OR can a standard 8 / 16 bit microcontroller is sufficient to put the camera and HDMI interface chip is proper mode, possibly over some kind of serial interface and then camera and HDMI interface chip can be self sufficient to stream video on HDMI port?

Let me know your comments.



I would being by looking at the ADV7510

As simple controller and set up the ADV7510 over I2C.  As long as the camera output format matches one of the ADV7510 input formats and the TV can display that format you should be fine.  The part can not do format conversion, however it can do a bit of color space conversion.

We'd need more information on the camera output to come to a conclusion.

  • Hello GuenterL,

    Thanks for the response, i will go through the ADV7510 details.

    Please find attached datasheet of one of the camera module which we intend to use, its a SOC module.

    Please let me know your inputs / comments on the same.



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  • Set up the module for YUV422 as shown in Figure 23 and the ADV7511 Input ID=3 YCbCr 422 and connect the chips as shown in Table 19..21 depending on the justification you select.  Also setup the ADV7511 for internal DE generation.

    Test this out by wiring your camera chip directly to a EVAL-ADV7612-7511 evaluation board with the jumpers removed.

    Electrically you may need to buffer the data lines up to 3.3V

    HDMI transmitters are basically parallel to serial converters with some feature added to handle framing, audio and encryption.  You don't have audio or encryption.  It can handle any pixel clock from 13.5MHz up to 162MHz.

  • Hello GuenterL,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    So do you think ADV7510 will suffice or ADV7511 for this application because i could see a bit difference in price in these two chips, so couldnt get why this difference is.

    Please let me know your comments.



  • Compare them side by side for you requirements.  The major differences are HDMI 1.3 vs 1.4, ARC support, 4k support and temperature range.  For a camera transmitter I would think you will only need the -P option, not HDCP keys.

    You might also look at the ADV7511W which is the automotive version, wider temperature range, smaller package, smaller input bus (24bits)

  • thanks for the information. I will compare them and decide.

    We are going through in detail with camera module and ADV7510 chip to arrive at a basic block digram of the architecture. It will help if you review the same and confirm we are on right track.

    We are worried about only one thing, the camera SOC will give out the YUV output but will it also give the timing signals required for the HDMI interface chip or those need to be generated by microcontroller?

  • Hi GuenterL,

    I could find the detailed datasheet for ADV7510/11 in which you have referred to refer table 19-21 for connecting chips in post 3 above. Please share the same if you have.


  • For Table 14-21, look in the ADV7511 Programming Guide

    or ADV7510 PRogramming guide

    Timing is normally generated by the camera chip, normally V & H syncs minimum.

    I'll be glad to review your system.  Either post it here or we can move this discussion to emails for privacy.

  • Hi GuenterL,

    Thanks for the information, as soon as i sent you reply got these 2 docs on website, but still thanks!

    Yes it would be better if we move on emails for privacy, please share your email address so as to keep updating and sharing information there.


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