"Chip Revision" register of ADV7511 and ADV7511W.


I have a question about "Chip Revision" of ADV7511 and ADV7511W.

The "Chip Revision" register(address:0x00) of ADV7511 is 0x14.
The same "Chip Revision" register of ADV7511W is 0x13.
These are described on each Programming Guide.

Does it mean ADV7511W is equal to one older revision of ADV7511?
Is chip revision of ADV7511W same to the latest ADV7511(chip revision = 0x14), but you intentionally change the "Chip Revision" register's value in order to distinguish between ADV7511 and ADV7511W?
Which is correct?

I know ADV7511 and ADV7511W are the same die.
So I think the chip revision of ADV7511W is same to the latest ADV7511(chip revision = 0x14).
But I'd like to know which is correct clearly.

Thank you!
Best regards.