ADV7511 Reading EDID data shows 0x00

I have ZC702 Evaluation board and iam trying to interface with my monitor through HDMI port available in the Evaluation board. I have read the programming guide completely after powering it on, configuration is done properly and i can see output video properly in the monitor which i set it for fixed resolution .Now when i try  to read the EDID from my Memory Map register 0x7E to set optimal resolution iam getting 0x00 for all 256 bytes. I verified the EDID memory address by reading the register 0x43 and it shows 0x7E only. I Tapped the signals from the I2C lines coming from HDMI through a logic analyzer and there are EDID I2C transactions happening and it is Proper EDID. I tried re-reading the EDID as described in the page 110 - then the monitor sends the EDID but still when reading it from the register it is 0x00. I also verified the procedure iam following is same as the Block diagram they have given in the programming guide to read EDID it is same.Can any one help me with this? Thanks in advance.