ADV212 anomalies with complex images @ 60Hz


we are (successfully) using ADV212 for HDTV compression (1920 x 1080i with 2 chips).

All is fine at 50Hz but we got an anomalies at 60Hz ( 59.94Hz).

A customer referred of the problem and we noticed that feeding same material to ADV's

when encoding at 60Hz field rate the ADVs get stopped and need reset when image is complex.

The problem is not the output data rate, because we tried encoding the same material with higher

Quantization factor (that produces less datas), and again we have problem at 60Hz, while 50Hz

is OK.  As test, we are using a still picture that we wipe with a DVE inserting a variable

quantities of random datas. Syncs and timing are stable and not affected (the DVE is

regenerating the syncs).  Any hint?

Thanks, Alfredo from Italy

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