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ADV7630 RX HDCP issue


Signal chain:   Signal Generator (or Blueray DVD)--->ADV7630---->TV

Sometimes when ADV7630  board power on, Signal generator showed HDCP error (does not use ADV7630 hdcp repeater mode,does not add HDCP on TX ). And the TV display black screen. After reset HDCP_REPT_EDID_RESET (hdmi map 0x5a [3]), display is correct.

But I don't know where to check RX HDCP status to find  RX HDCP error or not.

BTW:When the issue happened, HDMI map 0x04 is correct


             1. Is this normal?

             2. If Source showed HDCP error, How can I get this infomation from ADV7630 ?

             3. Is this solution right that reset HDCP_REPT_EDID_RESET (hdmi map 0x5a [3]) when I find RX HDCP error

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