(ADV7511W) About hardware test


I have some questions about testing the ADV7511W hardware.


Does the ADV7511W support testing for boundary scan?

(Please refer to)



Is there a way to check if ADV7511W is properly grounded to the board?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 13, 2018 12:32 PM

    Q1) Boundary scan really doesn't make sense for the ADV7511W since the TMDS outputs are basically analog signals and the digital pins are all inputs to the chip

    Q2) Interesting question.  One possible way is to do a cold solder joint on a digital pin.  With a powered off board, inject negative current into a digital pin.  Normally the current flow will go through the pin -> negative ESD protection -> ground pad -> back to current injector.  If the voltage on the digital pin is wrong then then it's possible the ground pad is not connected correctly.  Do this across several digital pins and you can come to the conclusion that the ground pad is OK or not.  I have not done this so it is not verified that it would find a problem.

    Another failure we see when layout doesn't connect the ground pad is 

    1) When the board is powered up, the chip responses to I2C commands however the chip doesnot work