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EVAL-ADV7619-7511 Video Evaluation Board to grab a single frame

I am an electronic hobbiest  who works in a telecommunication holding company. I am a beginner in the microprocessors world and want to realize a single frame image grabing project with the help of your EVAL-ADV7619-7511 video evaluation board.

At the moment i am using a Pi 3 and i have a Spartan-3E Starter Board ( I do not have any experience with fpga's yet )

I will have 2 questions about EVAL-ADV7619-7511 video evaluation board and some underlying concept about HDMI receiving:

1.) As it is shown in the Block Diagram of the product it consist of 2 HDMI inputs. What procedure i should follow to grab a single frame from the J2 video jumper pins preferably with the help of Raspberry Pi 3 or Spartan3E gpio pins? 

2.) Let's assume that the HDMI input content is in 4K format. Is this means that the video output pixel clock will automatically synchronized with the input content pixel clock or is it possible to set any video output pixel clock to grab a desired resolution lets say 640x480@60 Hz Industry standard (pixel clock 25.175 MHz) for example.  
Briefly: Is 4K x 2K in --->  640x480@60 Hz (pixel clock 25.175 MHz) out possible?

Thank you!