ADV7626 for 3D support specification

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Could you provide me detail about ADV7626 3D specification?

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I just see the datasheet function:

3D TV support

3D OSD overlay on all mandatory 3D formats



    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 19, 2017 8:19 PM


    As defined in the hardware manual section 5.1.8 reference which is available at ADV7625 Design Support Files , 3D video, as defined in the HDMI specification, is supported on both datapath A and datapath B. The data paths must be configured before the 3D video can be processed by the device.

    Using video_3d_en_a, IO Map, Address 0x34[7] 3D video can be enabled and disabled.

    The ADV7625 supports 3 GHz video formats including 4k x 2k@24/25/30 Hz and 1080p60 16-bit deep color in addition to all the mandatory HDMI 3D TV formats

    The ADV7625 has an integrated on-screen display (OSD) generator that allows the creation and control of high quality character and icon-based system status and control displays. This OSD can be overlaid on 3 GHz video formats and 3D video

    Please also refer this thread for 3D OSD at Enquiries with regard to OSD Generation , believe this would be helpful

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