ADV7511, ADV7611,  and ADV8005

1. Are the ADV7511 and ADV7611.still the best two choices for 1080P HDMI receiver and transmitter without HDCP?


2.I was also looking at the ADV8005 for another application, a very interesting part to us that could potentially do almost everything we need in one device. However, I noticed that it uses DDR2 memory, which is now quite dated. Is there or will there be a newer version?

  • On question 1, depending on the functionality needed, the customer might consider one of the following devices:

    * ADV7610BBCZ-P
    * ADV7611BSWZ-P
    * ADV7612BSWZ-P
    * ADV7842KBCZ-5P

    These devices are not HDCP-enabled and thus do not require the customer to be an HDCP adopter. However, the customer will need to be an *HDMI* adopter in order to purchase these devices.

    On question 2, we see that at least one manufacturer will be offering DDR2 SDRAMs through 2021, so it should be possible to get DDR2 SDRAM devices for the next couple of years.