Video:ADV7391: Unable to get PAL Colour test Pattern


In one our designs we are using ADV7391 for camera applications.

We are able to generate NTSC internal colour test pattern with the following DAC register setting.

0x00       = 0x10

0x01       = 0x00

0x80       = 0x10

0x82       = 0xCB

0x84       = 0x40

When we are trying to generate PAL colour internal test partern we are getting black and white bars in monitor Please suggest.

Address   Data

0x17       =0x02

0x00       = 0x10

0x01       = 0x00

0x80       = 0x11

0x82       = 0xCB

0x84       = 0x40

0x8C      = 0xCB

0x8D    = 0x8A

0x8E     = 0x09

0x8F      = 0x2A

Please find the attached PAL Test pattern captured on scope and Black and white pattern getting on monitor

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Sukumar Reddy
    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 12, 2018 6:47 PM over 2 years ago


     Please cross check your 0x02 sub-address configuration in Page29 and also refer Table45 for with different input/output for SD color space conversion.

     Kindly refer the reference configuration script for PAL in Page92, to verify the PAL color internal test pattern.