Comments on AVES Beta 0.2 software

Here are a few comments on this application:

  • If an Eval Kit and an Aardvark product are connected, please offer a choice of which to connect to.
  • If no device is found, all of the action buttons/menues should be disabled.
  • When a tab (IO, CP, AFE, etc)  is first selected and no values have been read, the current values displayed should be "??" or greyed out or something to indicate they have not yet been read.
  • It would be nice for the App to remember the window size and location, as well as the splitter locations.
  • Reloading scripts does not seem to work correctly. A "*" gets added to the menu.
  • Being able to edit scripts from within the app would be a nice feature.
  • An option to automatically connect to a specific device when starting the application would be nice.
  • The AVES Settings dialog needs to be cleaned up (spacing, sizing, etc).
  • A command to read all registers and save it to a file would be helpful.

Otherwise the app is very useful.

Windows 7 64-bit